Driving Safety Cloud


With such great Sales Cloud Technology available on our devices how do we keep our eyes on the road?

There is nothing more exhilarating than winning a sales deal and so it is very tempting to look at a device when driving especially with really good sales enablement content and tools updating in real time from the sales cloud to give you the advantage to win the deal.  A few years ago I came to really understand that my personal safety was far more important than winning the deal and began to implement some strategies that really helped reduce the risk of a car accident by being distracted and I would like to share them with you.


1) Create your own personal safety culture.

It is easy to put your phone away whilst driving when people are looking at you, however creating your own personal safety culture is all about what is happening when nobody is looking.  So you may want to develop a routine of having the device out of sight whilst driving. Just because nothing happened last time you looked at your device whilst driving doesn’t mean nothing will happen next time. Don’t roll the dice. 


2) Today Customers are 57% through the buying process before they contact a sales rep.  We need to sell proactively  by influencing customers before we even get in the car.

By understanding how and where customers are getting their information online, sales reps can actively engage customers by joining social media platforms,  influencing the influencers,  joining relevant discussions and influence conversations that can influence the decision of future customers.

3) Use sales enablement technology and intelligent IQ

I am sure that 30% of a sales reps time is used to search for content, knowledge and tools to help their customers and maybe even more time solving problems. By using sales enablement apps, CRM and collaboration tools with technical and service teams driven in the sales cloud, these tools can seriously reduce the time to prepare for the meeting, solve problems and assist whilst in the meeting reducing the temptation to search online whilst driving and reduce stress levels.

These tools offered by leading CRM sales cloud are amazing. Data is automatically captured and synced from your inbound and outbound emails, your calendar, and your smartphone calls. And all your communication is instantly analyzed to serve up powerful Relationship Intelligence so that you can sell smarter but also concentrate on the road and know that your tools are working for you whilst you drive. WOW!!!


About the author: 
Paul is a Safety Leadership & Culture Coach specialising in working with Management and Sales teams equipping them with conversation techniques to have great conversations creating a mindful, respectful and inclusive organisation. Contact Paul onLinkedin and follow him on @PaulBardeleben to see how he can help your organisation.

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