Put the “Zing” in your Service Cloud!


Have you ever had such great service from a company that you became a Raving Fan?

“Zing” – Energy, enthusiasm or liveliness.

Customers today expect personalised conversations that are unified across sales and service within the organisation. When your sales and service teams work together on a 360-degree view of the customer you can put the Zing into your service level, drive up loyalty and turn your customers into Raving Fans. Here are a few thoughts on how we could do this. 

1) Recruit, Grow and Retain people who love to help customers.

Within the first second you can tell by the tone of voice of the service rep if they are here to help you at all costs! When you hear it, it sounds like magic! This skill can be instilled, however there are people who thrive and love to be in the position to provide customers with exceptional service and make them happy. They see their customer’s success as their success. Get them and keep them, they are awesome in turning customers into raving fans!!!

In his Book,  Customer Satisfaction is Worthless Customer Loyalty is Priceless, Jeffrey Gitomer tells of focusing on the regular customer interactions to make them memorable such as changing a Hotel Greeting from “Are you checking in?” to “Its Wonderful to see you. I hope your trip was pleasant…lets check you in.”

2) Empower Sales & Service Reps with the best Service Cloud Tools.

Your sales reps and service agents will have “Zing” in their tone of voice when they have great visibility of the customer through a world class “Console for Service” in a Service Cloud platform. They will be injected with the “Zing” when they can see all customer cases, emails, delivery status, billing, web activity and an interaction log. Their Zing also spikes when they are empowerment to find answers fast, easily triage cases, create case teams, collaborate with exerts and access articles and knowledge and use intuitive customer service tools. YES!!!   A World Class Service Cloud empowers the front-line reps to handle more actions directly themselves and enables customers to help themselves which  drives up efficiency making the customer’s experience more effortless. Sales and Marketing teams can glean sales opportunities and implement customer solutions from seeing their customer’s  case feeds in service cloud.

3) Empower customers with a Customer Portal

A customer portal provides direct access to the organisation and empowers customers with a higher sense of involvement and control. If customers are actively participating in the solution or development process the feeling of empowerment increases ownership and brand loyalty. YES!!!

Why not make stunning customer service with “Zing” your competitive advantage?  

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